Mission Statement

The non-profit association Hands For Freedom has the following disinterested objective:

  • To assist and inform members as well as the general public, by any means and through any media channel, on all matters concerning human rights and freedoms, freedom of enterprise, health, welfare and any other social or economic issue, including assistance and dissemination of information through actions, fairs, symposia and our own media channels.
  • The organisation of legal proceedings for persons and companies, whether or not members of the association, who consider that their interests, rights or freedoms have been violated and the active intervention of the association to safeguard its own interests, by all means provided for by law.
  • In addition, the non-profit association may engage in all activities that are directly or indirectly related to or contribute to the achievement of its purpose, including commercial and profit-making activities of any kind.

All income, irrespective of its origin or size, will be used exclusively for the achievement of its objective. The non-profit association will not distribute or provide directly or indirectly any surplus value to the founders, directors, members or any other person, except for the disinterested purpose stipulated in the articles of association.

In the event of dissolution, the assets, after settlement of liabilities, shall be transferred to an association, foundation or institute with a disinterested purpose, chosen by the General Assemblee in consideration with the wishes of all affiliated members.

Human rights are not negotiable - Hands for Freedom